Intercede Ventures Limited is pleased to report that following extensive testing of its prototype IASA surface condition reader instrument on three types of commercial aircraft – Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Boeing 787 that results have more than met expectations.

Thousands of aircraft data readings obtained using the Intercede IASA instrument were recorded during 2016 by the Company’s Technical Director, Richard Gross. The research field work was mainly carried out at London’s Gatwick Airport.

Results successfully concluded the “Proof of Concept” phase of the IASA development project. More testing will be undertaken in Q1 and Q2 this year with the instrument and associated systems being commercialised soon after.

The production IASA instrument has been designed for simple operation and data will be transferred from the instrument direct to Intercede Ventures for analysis.

Airlines contracted to use the system will not only save by way of fuel costs but also by proving their pro-activity in reducing their carbon footprints. IASA is designed to contribute to airline’s efforts in complying with ICAO airline environment improvement plans announced at the ICAO conference in Montreal in 2016.